3/30 Day 2024

The first evva (that we know of) e30s on 3/30 (and any old 3 Series) Day!
The first evva (that we know of) e30s on 3/30 (and any old 3 Series) Day!

Yeet the winter blues with a spring cruise! Join us for the “first evva” 3/30 Day 2024! It’s a vintage BMW event celebrating the E30, but all 3-Series BMWs invited!

Due to a scheduling conflict, we are unable to make The Vintage this year 🙁 So we decided to have a little local get-together here in Chattanooga. 

The concept actually began last summer as as 3/25 Day, way before we knew we couldn’t make the long-running show in Asheville, NC. We were probably going to wait a couple years, but when this scheduling SNAFU popped up, we figured we’d get our spring vintage BMW fix by fast-tracking our own little event. However, we wanted it to be on a weekend, so our genius COO/CMO had the idea to make it “E30 3/30”. So that’s what it is!

Meet us in Coolidge park at 1:00, Saturday March 30th with your E30 (or any 3 Series Bimmer. Or hey, any old BMW really, we’re not gonna turn you away. At least not this year!

We plan on grabbing a lite lunch at Brewhaus (or wherever you want), and “kicking tires” with some friends of ours for a little while. After that we plan on doing a fun-run out Suck Creek Road, and grabbing another bite at River Drifters

We look forward to seeing you on 3/30 Day 2024!

*Participants are encouraged to dine & drive responsibly.