At The Vintage 2023


The Vintage 2023

What an incredible event! For anyone who wasn’t there, you just have to know, At The Vintage 2023 ended with a spectacular double rainbow and a black bear!

Now that I gave away maybe the best part of this years event, I do want to say Scott & team once again did world-class job organizing “Another Great Event” for At The Vintage 2023. This year was my second year back after having not been since 2015 when it was in the Winston Salem area, and my first ever as a vendor. And first time as a vendor anywhere for that matter!

I have to admit I feel a bit awkward just bursting back in to the scene and immediately trying to hawk E30 parts. But after so much positive feedback last year hanging out at the Clarion hotel and at the main event in Hot Springs, talking to event goers and other vendors, I felt confident the At The Vintage crowd would be accepting of my vendor-ship this year. I was thrilled to have my highest hopes validated.

In fact, I was a little amazed at how many times I heard the phrase “Thank you for doing this”! So I want to give a huge “THANKS!” to everyone who stopped by the booth and offered support, insights, and ideas for future parts!

Already the orders are coming in and we’ve only just gotten started. While that tells me we are on to something, I’m also just thrilled I’m able to use my skills to give something back to a community that is just as passionate about these cars as I am.

If you’ve never been to “The Vintage” before and you are on the East coast, I hope you’ll come check out the event next year. There are tons of great people, great cars spanning from “barely got here” to “Pebble Beach”. Above all it’s just a bunch of great people and it’s just superchill.

I can’t promise a double rainbow, but if you own a vintage BMW or appreciate vintage German cars, you’ll have a fantastic time!