Helpful E30 Info

There’s a huge, global community of E30 enthusiasts doing all sorts of amazing things with these classic BMWs. Below is a collection of links to sites, info, projects, products and other various resources related to “God’s Chariot”. Really, more for me than anything, as I have a poor memory, but here they are on the internet for you to use if you want to!

​These are just a few off the top of my head and I’ll continue to add to it. Feel free to drop me a line if there is something you think should be added.


The E30 reddit community
R3V forums
Bimmerfest forums
e30zone (UK)

Other Sweet Projects

Custom Intake Manifold
Headlight Intake 
Sunroof Crank Knob
​Retrofit Bluetooth to OEM Blaupunkt
Machined Door Handles
Touring LED Third Brake Light
Digital Instrument Cluster

“Mainstream” Parts

​FCP Euro
Pelican Parts

Indy Parts

Redline Goods

General E30 Info

Bentley Manual
Bring a Trailer 
*Every* E30 for sale in the USA
Classic Bimmer Bits 
Factory Paint Colors
OEM Wheels
E30 Wiki (Just because)
Bimmer Zeit
VIN Lookup