Cow Catcher Bracket (C) – FFF


Center “Cow Catcher” Bracket printed in FFF PETG, .2mm layer height, 75% gyroid infill.


This bracket supports the E30 air dam (also affectionately know as the cow catcher). These support brackets fit both “is” and “es” trim level “Series1” examples 1985-1988 (later for convertibles). Three middle brackets and two corner brackets were originally fitted. The right, center, and left are each slightly different parts. The center bracket’s bottom, back bolt hole is centered, while the right and left brackets have offset bolt holes.
Each part is clearly marked “C”, “L”, or “R”. This is the center part, the left and right brackets are also available, as well as the elusive corner support brackets.
*For off-road use only. This product has not been approved for road use by any Federal or State Agency.


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