Diving Board Bumper Strip – MJF


The E30 Update “Diving Board” bumper strip.

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The “Diving Board” bumper strip is live! In case you’re not familiar, “Diving board” is the nickname given to the bumpers on early model, or “series 1” E30s. The reason being that they stick so far out from the body that they look like a diving board. The E30 Update diving board bumper strip is a custom designed, 3D printed plastic strip that fills in the space on the USA spec, “series 1” BMW E30 “diving board” bumpers. These bumpers came from the factory with a bulky, plastic frame for mounting USA plates required to be on the front of cars in some US states. However, many states do not require a front license plate. This part is also at the very front of the car and is the first thing to get damaged in even minor impacts.
As with all parts, they can also simply go missing. Owners then have to zip-tie their plates on, or tie them up with wire. Some people want to mount a Euro style plate, still others just want a clean-looking Diving Board™. This product solves all those problems! If you haven’t already, go check out the blog post https://e30update.com/updates/love-4-the-diving-board. We also have an install video over on the YouTube.
Made from industrial grade Nylon using MJF (Multijet Fusion) process. This part will provide many years of classy, 80s impact resistant trimming!
THANK YOU for supporting my passion project! I’m an E30 fanatic like I imagine you are. I’d love to be able to keep (re)creating NLA, rare, and custom parts for these cars. Your purchase helps continue making that possible!

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