Cow Catcher Side Support Bracket


E30 cow catcher side support bracket. One per order. If you need one for both sides, make sure you have two in you cart.


E30 cow catcher side support

The E30 cow catcher side support bracket glues to the inside of the cow catcher just inside the wheel arch. Because they are in an impact zone, these brackets often get damaged. The sides of the cow catcher then sag, which looks very un-cool :(. Because these brackets are NLA and hard to find used in usable condition, often times people resort to popping in sheet metal screws, using zip-ties, rivets, or other makeshift solutions. In addition to the front support brackets and corner support brackets, E30 Update has re-created a stock-like solution for this annoying #E30problem! You can now be confident that your cow catcher can take on the most jaw shattering pot holes without getting taken down.


These brackets require an adhesive to install. The four holes you see in these side support brackets correspond to the (hopefully) four remaining locating nubs on the inside of your E30’s air dam.
We recommend first scrubbing the area with a rough rag soaked in rubbing alcohol.
Once the area is clean, place the bracket over the locating nubs (if they aren’t there anymore at least the marks where they broke off should be visible – align the bracket to those as accurately as possible) and ensure fit before gluing it down.
When placement has been established, use a high strength adhesive of your choice (high-temp hot glue is what we use) to glue the bracket in to place. Run a bead over and between the nubs vertically. Place the bracket firmly down over the nubs so that it click over the nubs and gets as much contact with the inside of the plastic shroud as possible. If using high-temp hot glue it can take up to ten minutes to cool. Once cooled, some extra glue can be added to the edges of the bracket for a little extra hold. It’s a good idea to still keep the parts clamped as the hot glue can loosen the glue already applied.
After the glue has cooled completely, feed the bracket locating pin through the corresponding mounting holes in the sheet metal and wheel well liner.
Place the retaining cap over the locating pin, then feed the bolt through the lock washer, cap, wheel well liner (if you’re fortunate enough to still have one) and sheet metal panel, and thread into the side support bracket.
Make sure the bolt is snug but there should be no need to over-tighten with the lock washer in place.
*For off-road use only. This product has not been approved for road use by any Federal or State Agency.


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