E30 Blinker Fluid Reservoir

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The E30 Update Blinker Fluid Reservoir!

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Old BMWs like e30 have some pretty cool quirks – the hood opens backwards, the door latches are in no man’s land, and, the battery is in the trunk… except on convertibles… and wagons..
A lot of people think that where the battery would have gone is just wasted space, but do you really think those German engineers would let all that space just go to waste? Well they didn’t! It’s actually where the E30’s rarest part goes – the blinker fluid reservoir!
Most of these ended up getting ripped out because it interfered with people trying to jump-start their or someone else’s car due to the convenience terminals being there. Others removed it for aftermarket strut braces. Either way most of them have disappeared and BMW and other OEM & aftermarket manufacturers are not currently stocking them.
So we took matters in to our own hands. The E30 Update Blinker fluid Reservoir!
  • Some cars you add the fluid directly into the housing, but not these fancy BMWs! They have an external reservoir!
  • Convertible’s and wagon’s tank is in trunk where the coupe and sedan’s battery is – why BMW decided to do that switcheroo?… we’ll probably never know!
  • The newer BMWs have done away with blinker fluid and have gone to solid state laser-powered fiber optics, but you do have to remember to pay your blinker subscription. I think you get a certain # free, but then it’s about $50mo for unlimited blinks. Check with your local dealership…
It’s got right & left tanks, and then front & back hose connectors. If you look inside you can see the two supply holes.
It’s easier if you put the lines on before fully installing.
Fill it up to the top of the divider… and turn on your emergency flashers on. That will get the fluid pulled into the lines. They’ll probably start blinking really fast, and then slow down to a familiar medium rhythm once the fluid gets all the way to the bulbs
And that’s it! Go get your blinker fluid tank at right now!

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Dimensions 250 × 120 × 230 cm


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