Glove box drive latch for Series-1 and Series-2 E30s.


The glove box drive latch is the part that inspired starting E30 Update!

While the original glove box drive latch is metal, it can still break, (we know first hand!). When it does, it can very annoyingly leave you locked out of your glove box. If you have important info like your registration and proof of insurance in there, it can become an even bigger problem :/

E30 Update now offers the glove box drive latch alone so you don’t have to get the entire lock assembly. It saves the time of having to switch out your tumbler or having to replace the entire lock assembly. I also saves having to have a separate glove box key.

The E30 Update glove box drive latch is far superior to the original “pot metal” material. The most notable improvement is that it is 3D printed in 17-4PH stainless steel. We have also added several structural improvements to the E30 Update part. It  features dual drive finger ribs rather than one, rounded spring channel ribs, and thickened walls.

Replacing the drive latch is a very quick & easy process, and you’ll never have to worry about your drive latch breaking and locking you out of your glove box – ever! And trust us – it’s a bear to get into once it breaks. We hope you haven’t found this page because you’re already locked out of your glove box, but if you are… here’s your fix!

Here’s how to do the replacement.

We’re probably biased, but it’s so cheap and easy, it’s worth just replacing now so you avoid having to deal with being locked out of your glove box!

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 3.973 × 1.684 × 2.39 cm


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