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The “Diving Board” Strip is live! In case you haven’t been following along, this is a 3D printed plastic strip that fills in the space on the USA spec BMW E30 “Diving Board” bumper (produced from ’84-’87.. ish, depending on model). These bumpers came stock with a plastic frame for mounting the USA plates required to be on the front of cars in some US states.
As with all parts, they can occasionally go missing and people have to zip-tie their plates on or tie them up with wire. Some people want to mount a Euro style plate, still others just want a clean-looking Diving Boardâ„¢. This product solves all those problems! If you haven’t already, go check out the blog post and/or the install video if you’re into that kind of thing..
Made from industrial grade Nylon using MJF (Multijet Fusion) process. This part should provide many years of classy, 80s impact resistant trimming!
A COUPLE IMPORTANT NOTES: Some of the pics on this page are renderings. That is because I made a couple tweaks to the design to help it install easier and also I added the tow hook hole for the cars that have one.
I also want to point out that these are older cars. Not everything will be identical on every car so while I’m pretty certain this will fit your car (it fits mine great) there may be some kind of unforeseen fitment issue with your car. I also want to point out that this is a first-gen product run. Slight modifications may be needed to get this to fit perfectly. If you wind up having to shave off a little bit here or there or make some other mod to get it to fit, please let me know! I can change the CAD so future E30 owners hopefully don’t have to make the tweak you did. But I don’t think you’ll need to!
And finally, THANK YOU for supporting my passion project! I’m an E30 fanatic like I imagine you are. I’d love to be able to keep (re)creating NLA, rare, and custom parts for these cars and your purchase helps continue make that possible!

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