E30 Update Black Friday 2023

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It’s time for the E30 Update Black Friday 2023 sale! Remember – E30 Update has ten parts up now and over 100 more in the pipeline! Because we’re so dankbar 4 U, we’re offering 50% off site wide like all the other cool kids!

Cow Catcher Brackets – Diving Board Tuck – Normally $46.00

These bumper tuck Cow Catcher brackets are designed specifically for those of us who have tucked the front “Diving Board” bumper. They lift the “Cow Catcher” up 15mm to tighten the gap between the top of the Cow Catcher air dam and the aluminum bumper.

Cow Catcher Brackets Normally – $44.00

Center “Cow Catcher” Bracket printed in FFF PETG, .2mm layer height, 75% gyroid infill.

Cow Catcher Corner Brackets – Normally $18.47

E30 “Cow Catcher” corner support bracket keeps the corners of your cow catcher nice and tight.

Cow Catcher Side Support Bracket – Normally $23.00

Because these brackets are NLA and hard to find used in usable condition, often times people resort to popping in sheet metal screws, using zip-ties, rivets, or other makeshift solutions. In addition to the front support brackets and corner support brackets, E30 Update has re-created a stock-like solution for this annoying #E30problem!

Fuse Puller – Normally $16.00

If your fuse box is missing this finger-saving little accessory, here’s a cool little replica. Only from E30 Update.

Cigarette Lighter Retainer Clip – Normally $24.00

If you prefer a stock console setup in your E30, this cigarette lighter retainer clip from E30 Update is a must. It provides a firm, like-new DC outlet experience for plugging in a USB dock, or even a cigarette lighter!

Diving Board Bumper Strip – MJF Normally $189.00

As with all parts, they can also simply go missing. Owners then have to zip-tie their plates on, or tie them up with wire. Some people want to mount a Euro style plate, still others just want a clean-looking Diving Board™. This product solves all those problems! If you haven’t already, go check out the blog post https://e30update.com/updates/love-4-the-diving-board. We also have an install video over on the YouTube.

GLOVE BOX “DRIVE” LATCH – Normally $48.66

While the original glove box drive latch is metal, it can still break, (we know first hand!). When it does, it can very annoyingly leave you locked out of your glove box. If you have important info like your registration and proof of insurance in there, it can become an even bigger problem :/

GLOVE BOX “DRIVEN” LATCH – Normally $48.66

The glove box “driven” latch rarely breaks, but like the drive latch, it is made of the same brittle pot metal. If it does, you can now replace just the latch, without having to get the entire assembly. It also saves the time of having to switch out your tumbler or having to replace the entire assembly and then having to have a separate glove box key.


If, like most E30 glove box latch housings, yours is cracking and crumbling with age, you can now replace it with a new, 3D printed part.

Thanks for looking at the E30 Update Black Friday 2023 sale!

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