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These Cow Catcher brackets are designed specifically for those of us who have tucked our Diving Board bumper. They lift the Cow Catcher up 15mm to tighten the gap between the top of the Cow Catcher air dam and the aluminum impact bumper.


Alright everyone! This is another one for “Diving Board Club“, and even more specifically, “Diving Board Tuck Club”! E30 Update’s exclusive cow catcher brackets for the diving board tuck club solve a problem I didn’t think much about until someone pointed it out to me at The Vintage 2022.
While the infamous E30 “Diving Board” has aged more gracefully than anyone had ever imagined it would, some of us have still opted to take on the “bumper tuck” procedure. While “tucking” the debatably attractive aluminum protection feature into the bodywork a few dozen mm certainly goes a long way in cleaning up the front end of the Series 1 E30, it does come with a few drawbacks.
The first is of course the safety aspect of removing the sealed gas, low-speed-impact protection springs. It probably doesn’t make an enormous difference at higher speeds, but they supposedly reduce damage to the vehicle (and maybe occupants) at lower speeds.
The second drawback is another that most are familiar with. That being the gaps it creates between the aluminum bumper and the plastic trim above. If you are fortunate enough that your trim pieces are still in reasonable shape, it’s not too terribly noticeable. But for the many cars out there with badly warping trim, a tuck job can almost look worse than leaving it stock.
The third downside to tucking your Diving Board is similar to the second, but is an often overlooked detail. In addition to the trim gap on top, is the gap on the underside between the metal bumper and the Cow Catcher. It’s so subtle, many don’t notice it, but for the keen-eyed Diving Board connoisseur, it can be quite irritating! It’s one of those things that once you see it, you can’t unsee it!
But that’s why we created these Cow Catcher brackets just for you, Diving Board Tuck Club! If you’ve already done the tuck, now you can tighten up your front end with this set of custom brackets! If you haven’t gotten around to it yet, now there’s one less reason not to!
*For off-road use only. This product has not been approved for road use by any Federal or State Agency.


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