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E30 “Cow Catcher” corner support bracket.



The E30 Update cow catcher corner support bracket for the bumper tuck mod increases stability at the corners and adds a little length to keep that cow catcher nice and tight.
Have you already done the bumper tuck and you’re irritated with that funky gap. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about doing the bumper tuck, but you’re not sure if it’s worth the hassle or not. The E30 Update cow catcher corner support bracket for the bumper tuck mod is here to help you make your decision! (Along with the front and side support brackets)
The whole reason for this bumper tuck line of products is because I’ve done this little mod. There are several little quirks that come along with doing the bumper tuck mod. So I decided to fix as many as I can! These brackets help fix some of them, but there are still a couple left. When you buy a set of brackets for the bumper tuck mod, it will help us develop our planned solutions for the rest of the bumper tuck issues!
If you’ve done this mod, and you have the cow catcher air dam, you should absolutely get the E30 Update brackets for the bumper tuck mod! They completely clean up the gap between the cow catcher and the polished aluminum bumper. This helps the tuck mod retain a stock look, but with that sleek appearance that the shorter overhang delivers.
The E30 Update air dam corner support bracket has been redesigned with a strong (and cool-looking) “X brace” structure. Printed in rigid PETG, these corner supports will provide years of stability for your classic cow catcher.
One per order. If you need one for each corner, be sure to add two to your cart.
*For off-road use only. This product has not been approved for road use by any Federal or State Agency.


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