E30 cow catcher brackets for “diving board tuck” 3part kit Install

Can you spot the difference?
E30 cow catcher brackets for tucked diving board 3part kit Install

After doing the “diving board tuck” mod myself a few years ago, I just accepted the increased gap between the diving board and cow catcher as an inevitable tradeoff. It wasn’t until someone pointed it out to me At The Vintage, that I realized it was a bit more of an eyesore than I had let myself believe. Then, in the middle of an oil pan job, it hit me. Why not redesign the brackets to eliminate the extra space? So that’s what I did!

The cow catcher brackets for “diving board tuck” 3part kit is for a popular DIY cosmetic modification. This infamous E30 modification releases the gas from the impact shocks that support the bumper. Once all the gas (or goo) is expelled from the cylinders, they are compressed and reinstalled. The result is that it “tucks” the front (and rear) US Spec bumpers of the Series1 E30s for a more modern profile. Unfortunately, it comes with the minor, but noticeable side effect of increasing the gap between the aluminum bumper and the cow catcher mounted below. Why does this happen? It occurs because both the cow catcher and the aluminum bumper have significant draft angles for easy mold release. When the metal beams are pushed towards the cabin, the narrower side is closer to the narrower side of the cow catcher. Thus increasing the space between them.

The good news is that E30 Update has the solution!

We now offer the E30 cow catcher brackets for diving board tuck 3part kit which includes the centerleft, and right brackets. Designed specifically for those of us who have tucked our diving boards, now you will have the tightest diving board bumper tuck at the next cars & coffee! That is, until you tell all your friends about this kit, and they install them too. But then we’ll be really happy. And you and all your friends will be happy! And everything will be great!

This kit does not include the corner, and side-support brackets. If you already have your corner and side support brackets, they are not necessary for installing these tuck-mod brackets. They don’t have re-engineered geometry.

If there is demand, we will add the full seven-part kit. Let us know!

*For off-road use only. This product has not been approved for road use by any Federal or State Agency.

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